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Useful Info

Tools and Tips

General Tools & Tips

Budget Worksheet

Download your budget guide tool here. Take control of your finances with this handy tool

Mortgage Calculator

Find a mortgage calculator here.  Use this to calculate monthly payments and interest.

Car Proof History

Click here to open CarProof.com.  Handy when buying or selling a car and establishing value

Bankruptcy Canada

If you’re considering bankruptcy this website will answer a lot of your questions.


Go here if you’d like to find out more about one of Canada’s leading credit bureaus. 

Industry Canada

We suggest going to Most Requested Services and clicking on Bankruptcy and Insolvency Records.  Some excellence advice on bankruptcy and financial issues.

Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Regulates all kinds of financial services such as pensions, mortgage brokers, loan and trust companies, credit unions. Very helpful info.


A powerful resource when you’re considering purchasing or financing a vehicle.



Our Blog Resources

Check out ongoing resources with our Smart Money Club blogs on Facebook.