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About Prudent Financial

Our story

Leaders in lower credit score lending since 1984


Prudent Financial is a family business.  We started out of a small house on Sheppard Avenue back in 1984 with a clear goal … to give people a second chance.  We lent money to people the banks had walked away from.  As a result, we’ve built relationships with thousands of customers over the years.  Some are still customers to this day.    And many of our loan officers have been with Prudent for many years as well. BorrowWithYourHomeorCar.com is a lending product we’re proud of and we’re confident you’ll agree.

Need a Mortgage? We're here to help.


As a full service financial services company, we also offer extremely competitive rates for mortgages with Prudent Mortgage Corporation. Our rates rival the best you’ll find in the marketplace and our lower credit score rates are one of the best in the GTA.

Prudent Value Cars


Because many of our customers expressed an interest in acquiring a quality, premium used vehicle, we started Prudent Value Cars.  We focus on the most reliable brands in the market place, such as Toyota, Honda and others that are highly rated for trouble free service.  We service our cars to factory levels before making them available for purchase.  And when needed, we finance our cars to people with lower credit scores at some of the lowest bad credit rates in the GTA.

The Responsible Lender Pledge


Unlike a payday style loan, we are interested in long term customers. That’s why we pioneered the Responsible Lender Pledge. We ensure any loan we provide will not cause undue hardship to your financial situation. And your positive payback history reports to the credit bureau.  Join our SmartMoney Club on Facebook for ongoing tips.